Welcome to our new home!

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Internal News | 0 comments

Welcome to our new home!

We’re now official tenants and have a funky new home/office/studio at 37 Queen Street. Today is a good day, so we’re spending the day celebrating. Not only did we unexpectedly ‘move in’ today, it’s also Lana’s birthday so we’re officially ‘working’ remotely (from the pub) today. We started the day off by signing our new contracts to then be told we could have the keys early. Woop woop! Even though it was exciting to get our new keys, we didn’t really want to sit in an empty white room with no furniture, so we opted for breakfast at Bill’s with dessert cocktails at Playhouse. This made Lana’s day as she came across the new Wetherspoons table service feature on their app, which meant we could set up base in the corner whilst ordering birthday drinks to our table! Thankyou Wetherspoons, cheap, cheerful and innovative!

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