Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar April 2024

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Content Calendar

Hey Koala Digital Blog Buddies! It’s that time of the month again! Let’s take a look at our 2024 days of the month April social media calendar!
Let’s start by asking – how are we in April already? The year seems to be whizzing past quickly, doesn’t it? But let us guess, you’re feeling a bit of a stalemate with Social Media too? Trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm while staying on top of engaging and exciting content can be an absolute ball-ache. We hear you – fear not!!! We are here to save you with a few of our monthly prompts to spark your imagination. Thank us later!


April 2024 –

2024 days of the month April social media calendar

April Highlights:

1st – April Fools Day:
This one is for all you jokers out there. A great opportunity to get your followers talking. Come up with a call to action that’s going get those followers engaging. For example, you could create a ‘new product’ for your business which is too good to be true – literally! Even if people comment by guessing it’s for April Fool’s Day, it’s got those tongues waging and your business in their brains!


5th – Walk to Work Day:
This is a great opportunity to get your business on the map. If you are a company that offers walk-in appointments, then show your customers/followers how to find you. Start somewhere well-known in the area and create a sped-up video of your walk to work!


 11th – National Pet Day:

Our 2024 Days of the Month April social media calendar is full of great prompts and this is up there as a favourite. Who doesn’t love seeing someone’s cute and cuddly companion? Let’s face it, if there is a fluffy face on your daily screen scrolling session you’re going to stop and go ‘awww’. Catch them by asking a question! And voila – customer engagement!


 14th – International Moment of Laughter Day:
Today is the day you let your inner child free and have a good old giggle. Laughing is very infectious so why not use your platform to share something that has made you laugh recently and ask them in return?


 19th – Take a Day Off:

Here at Koala Digital, we are lucky enough to have a four-day working week, so this particular prompt is spot-on for us. But why not take the day off? Our 2024 days of the month April social media calendar told you too, right? Share what you get up to! You have got to have a good work/life balance.


 22nd- Earth Day:

Earth Day is a great day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. So why not show everybody what you do to help save the world? Biking/walking instead of driving, planting trees, or recycling. Whatever you do that could inspire others to do the same is great content. Save our Planet!


 29th – International Dance Day:
What a great way to start the week! Move that body! Why not check out the latest dance trend on social media and get the whole team up and involved? Go viral with those moves!

Our 2024 Days of the Month April social media calendar is the holy grail of prompts for every single day of the year, so if you fancy downloading it for of social media-provoking themes check out the link below. You’re very welcome!


Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar April 2024

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