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Welcome back, Koala Digital enthusiasts! February is here, and we’ve got another exciting month of engaging social media content lined up for you. Our free content calendar is designed to help businesses across the UK connect with their audience through fun and meaningful posts. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar for February 2024!

Feburary 2024 –

New year calendar on a table, ready for planning the Koala Digital social media content calendar January edition 2024!

February Highlights:

1st – Black History Month:

Embark on a month-long journey celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black individuals throughout history. Use your platform to share inspiring stories, educate your audience, and showcase the diversity that makes our world extraordinary.

2nd – Hedgehog Day:

Get ready to go spiky! Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a pet store, or just a fan of these adorable creatures, Hedgehog Day is a perfect opportunity to share facts, images, and tips on caring for these prickly pals.

5th – World Nutella Day:

Calling all chocolate lovers! Indulge in the sweet celebration of World Nutella Day. If you’re in the food industry, share mouthwatering images of your Nutella-infused delights or run promotions to satisfy your customers’ sweet cravings.

10th – National Pizza Day:

Pizza lovers, rejoice! National Pizza Day is the perfect excuse to showcase your pizza offerings. Whether you run a pizzeria, a food delivery service, or simply appreciate a good slice, this day is an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience.

14th – Valentine’s Day:

Love is in the air! On Valentine’s Day, take a moment to express appreciation for your customers. Share heartwarming messages, promotions, or even behind-the-scenes glimpses to spread the love and strengthen your connection with your audience.

18th – Drink Wine Day:

Unwind and celebrate Drink Wine Day! If you’re in the hospitality or wine industry, this is your chance to share your finest selections. Encourage your followers to share their wine moments, and perhaps offer a special discount for the day.

20th – National Love Your Pet Day:

For pet-related businesses, National Love Your Pet Day is a golden opportunity. Share adorable pet photos, offer pet-centric promotions, and connect with your audience over the joy of furry companionship.

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Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar feburary 2024

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