Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar January 2024

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Social Media

Happy New Year!

Koala Digital is glad to welcome you back for the first month of our 2024 Koala Digital social media content calendar January edition!!

For those who are new here, let’s give you a quick rundown. Last year, Koala Digital provided a 100% free content calendar, featuring a special day for each day of the month! The goal was to equip those struggling with their business social media with the tools, ideas, and inspiration needed to create an awesome social media plan. We did this every month for a whole year – and now we’re back for more!

Last year we saw everything from National Creativity Day, Get To Know Your Customers Day, Cycle To Work Day and so much more!

We can’t wait to see what this year has in store – so let’s dive right in!



1st – New Years Day
2nd – Science Fiction Day
3rd – JRR Tolkien Day
4th – World Braille Day
5th – National Whipped Cream Day
6th – Apple Tree Day
7th – Orthodox Christmas Day
8th – World Typing Day
9th – Poetry At Work Day
10th – Cut Your Energy Costs Day
11th – No Longer New Year’s Day
12th – National Pharmacists Day
13th – Rubber Duckie Day
14th – World Logic Day
15th – Brew Monday
16th – National Religious Freedom Day
17th – International Mentoring Day
18th – Beauticians Day
19th – National Popcorn Day
20th – Take A Walk Outdoors Day
21st – World Snow Day
22nd – Celebration Of Life Day
23rd – Brown Dog Day
24th – Beer Can Appreciation Day
25th – Burns Night
26th – National Fun At Work Day
27th – National Chocolate Cake Day
28th – National Lego Day
29th – Lollipop Day
30th – National Croissant Day
31st – National Hot Chocolate Day

New year calendar on a table, ready for planning the Koala Digital social media content calendar January edition 2024!


New Year’s Day is the perfect time for everyone, regardless of industry, to connect with their audience. Take a moment to wish your followers the best for the coming year and share your achievements from 2023. Let them know your goals for 2024 and invite them to be part of the journey.

Remind your audience about what you offer and encourage them to reach out whenever they need your services throughout the year. Keep it simple, positive, and welcoming as you step into the new year together!


World Braille Day is on the 4th!

Show your support by using your social media platforms to spread awareness about Braille and support inclusion. Share posts explaining the importance of Braille for people with visual impairments, as well as interesting facts, success stories, or resources about Braille such as The Braillists Foundation.

Businesses can also partner with organisations supporting the visually impaired and encourage followers to learn more!

By participating in World Braille Day, your business can demonstrate its commitment to making a positive impact!


The 10th of January is Cut Your Energy Costs Day.

This is a fantastic opportunity for various industries to be active online. Whether you’re in the green energy sector providing high-quality solar panels like Orton & Wenlock, or have a less obvious link to energy costs, such as County Logs and Coal, who offer high-quality firelogs for energy-efficient home heating, there are so many industries that can link back to this important day, share their services, and help their followers cut their energy bill costs!

Even if your business doesn’t directly help to lower costs, you can still share practical tips or give a shout-out to businesses that can. It’s a chance to encourage engagement, connect with a new audience, and help your followers save some money!

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The 26th of January is National Fun At Work Day!

If you have fun at work – post about it!

Give your followers a peek into the culture of your workplace by taking them behind the scenes. Share snaps or short videos capturing employees having fun and friendly banter, or even showcase individual talents, fun facts, or your favourite office traditions. By sharing a glimpse of what life is like at your office, you can humanise your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Take this day to let your workplace personalities shine through, and let your followers get to know the people behind the business they love.


The 31st of January is National Hot Chocolate Day – oh, what a day!

If you’re in the food and drink industry, don’t miss the opportunity to post about one of the most loved warm winter drinks around – the classic hot chocolate!

Whether you shout about your delicious hot drinks by sharing enticing photos of their rich and creamy goodness, run promotions or discounts on hot chocolate purchases, or even encourage followers to share their own cosy hot chocolate moments and tag you with your own unique hashtag, there are endless ways to post about National Hot Chocolate Day!

Through these posts, you can not only showcase your signature hot drinks but can also create excitement around your brand, and welcome new customers!

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Koala Digital is here to make your 2024 the best it can be!

While our free content calendar is a fantastic resource, we understand that achieving business excellence often requires a little more investment – whether that’s money or time. Lucky for you, we’ve got some cool tricks up our sleeve that can help!

Whether you want to climb the Google ladder, spruce up your website, give your brand a fresh new look or anything in between, our team’s got you covered. We’ve got a bunch of strategic marketing services to help make your business the best it’s ever been!

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Keep an eye out for the social media content calendar February 2024 edition!

Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar january 2024

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