Koala Digital Social Media content calendar for January 2023

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The New Year is approaching fast and many business owners are beginning to plan the goals they wish to see their company achieve in 2023. From expansion aims to revenue targets, 2023 is sure to bring new challenges and opportunities for many establishments.

A goal that should be on everybody’s new year’s resolutions list is to actively increase your company’s social media presence. Posting frequent quality content is a sure way to increase brand visibility, boost online engagement and discovery, improve online traffic and connect you with new audiences. Overall, increasing your social media presence will positively impact you and your company!

However, to achieve good results, consistency and quality are key. Social media is magic dust if used correctly. Creating interesting, fun, and attention-grabbing content that your target audience will love consistently over a year is a full-time job itself. Luckily, Koala Digital is here to help!

Our social media content calendar is the perfect way to achieve your social media goals throughout 2023. With an exciting subject to inspire material on every day of the year, there’s no excuse not to frequently create excellent content. 2023 is the year to increase your brand’s digital visibility – and it couldn’t be easier with a little help from Koala Digital.

Social Media Content Ideas for January –


All Month – Dry January
1st – New Year’s Day
2nd – Bank Holiday
3rd – International Mind-Body Wellness Day
4th – World Braille Day
5th – Twelfth Night
6th – Cuddle-up Day
7th – Old Rock Day
8th – World Typing Day
9th – International Choreographers Day
10th – Cut Your Energy Cost Day
11th – Human Traffickers Awareness Day
12th – Kiss A Ginger Day
13th – Make Your Dreams Come True Day
14th – World Logic Day
15th – World Religion Day
16th – Blue Monday
17th – International Mentoring Day
18th – Winne The Pooh Day
19th – Get To Know Your Customers Day
20th – Cheese Lovers Day
21st – Red Squirrel Appreciation Day
22nd – Chinese New Year
23rd – 29th – Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
24th – International Day Of Education
25th – Burns Night & St Dwynwen’s
26th – National Spouses Day
27th – Big Garden Birdwatch Day
28th – Reducing CO2 Emissions Day & Data Privacy Day
29th – World Leprosy Day
30th – Bubble Wrap Day
31st – International Zebra Day

koala digital social media content calendar January 2023

For example, take ‘Get to know your customers’ day. If boosting customer loyalty is among your goals in 2023, this day is perfect for you. The 19th is all about involving your customers and going the extra mile to make them feel special, heard, and appreciated. There’s no better day to get your audience engaging with your brand by announcing upcoming new services or events, or perhaps with a cheeky giveaway or competition. Celebrate your customers!

If you’re looking for foodie days, ‘Cheese lovers’ day is fast approaching. A day dedicated to those who have a love for glorious cheese, the 20th can be a fun and informative day to post about. Whether you choose some fun facts about cheese, share your company’s common interest with your customers or use the day to promote some cheesy dishes, this day is a winner for food-related businesses!

The 26th marks ‘National spouse’ day. Content for this day is unlimited.

This day is especially great for those in the wedding industry. Take the opportunity to congratulate those happy couples on their Christmas engagement, and let them know why they should choose your services for their wedding.

If you’re feeling a bit silly and want a light-hearted post to make your followers smile, ‘Bubble-wrap’ day is on the 30th of January! This day celebrates the wonderful invention of bubble wrap, an item that helps protect our fragile items in a fascinating way.

Along with protecting fragile items, bubble wrap has been used by many for stress-relieving purposes and fun. Celebrating this awesome invention gives a window for some entertainment. Perhaps filming a bubble-wrap-popping competition between co-workers? There’s no better day for it!

The ‘Make your dream come true’ day is a special day. This date is to celebrate and encourage every person to make their dreams come true. On this day, give helpful advice to those struggling to help them take the first step toward their goals. Share some helpful tips and tricks, or promote how your services can help those struggling to achieve their target.

No matter how big or how small, Koala Digital believes everybody should have the chance to make their dreams come true – which is why it’s one of our team’s favourite days in January!

Koala Digital works every day to help company owners make their dreams come true and achieve their own goals. If you need extra help fulfilling your business goals and dreams in 2023, Koala Digital is on hand to give your company the extra push it could need. Get in contact here to see how we can help you!

2023 is the year of creativity. With the Koala Digital content calendar, creating fun, meaningful and effective social media content for your company is a piece of cake! Make sure to download the content calendar below.

Check back here soon for the February content calendar and get inspired!


Koala Digital Social Media Content Calendar for January 2023

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