Monster Florence and Foreign Beggars present 48

About the Project

Period: 8-9 April 2017

Client: A Goldbar Records and Par Excellence Production
Subject: Monster Florence + Foreign Beggars present ‘48’</p.

Our Task

Goldbar Records, Par Excellence, Tom Donovan Studio & Koala Digital voluntarily embarked on the challenge of creating a project from beginning to end in just 48 hours to raise money for Musicians Supporting The Homeless.

Koala Digital’s role was to support the musicians and production team by helping with project management, marketing & PR to raise awareness about the project.



  • Lots of marketing, PR, Project Management, on set assistance and tea making!
  • Seek sponsorships and partnerships to keep costs low and raise more money for charity (& keep the musicians alert and awake for as long as possible)
  • Assist with video production – including drafting interview questions, presenting, timekeeping of artists
  • Stream the production highlights on various social media platforms
  • Respond to all fan comments via various social media platforms
  • Arrange interviews to include in a video documentary
  • Generate awareness with PR and Marketing campaign


Lots of fed and hydrated (but sleep deprived) volunteers in one small studio created a masterpiece EP within 48 hours. Not only did we all achieve this, we managed to write and record a full length album with the entire process documented live on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Secured sponsorship with Booker Cash & Carry who provided snacks, water and energy drinks to keep us ticking over
  • Tetley Tea provided us with 1000’s of tea bags to keep us energised throughout the event
    Sontronics provided free hire of top of the range mics to ensure we had enough equipment to use over the weekend
  • Subway provided us with sub platters on both days, plus lots of free cookies
  • Over 120,000 live streams over the weekend
  • Thousands of streams of 48 album post-event and ongoing
  • Lots of money raised for Musicians Supporting the Homeless


About ’48’

“Stepping into a studio where there was so much incredible talent all of which were hungry to achieve their dreams and vibe together was something very special.

The introduction of a deadline is definitely an approach more artists should adapt to their material on a day to day basis. It put an instant structure into place which meant there’s no backing out or needless delays.

And, even more so, it produces a “We’re fucking doing this” energy! Big up the whole team involved, they smashed it!”

Shan McGinley, SISTER Radio & Snapchat

“Koala Digital – These guys are excellent. Very hands on and resourceful with strategy and projects. No task was too big or too small and were more interested in results than simply doing ‘just enough’

If you want results with a smile, look no further! These guys ROCK”

Pavan Mukhi – Foreign Beggars


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